24K Gold Fish on High Grade Ruby Gemstone Bracelet
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24K Gold Fish on High Grade Ruby Gemstone Bracelet

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Wearing a GOLD FISH charm adds a dimension of wealth, renewed income, career advancement and new business opportunity to the wearer.  The Chinese word for fish, yu, means abundance, and having fish symbol/s bestows abundance to those who display or wear them.

RUBY will encourage your passion and zest for life! It will also increase your motivation when it comes to setting realistic goals and achieving them.Its energies will bring your life prosperity and protection, and it will help you stay healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. 

It is also believed that Ruby can balance your heart and instill confidence in you. It will remind you to love yourself as much as you love others.

With its rich and deep pink-red color, Ruby has the power to increase your life force. It will warm up your energies, restore your balance, and strengthen your character.

This stone will bring calm and reassurance even in the most challenging and tumultuous days. You can expect to be grounded and stable even when there are so many things happening and so many changes taking place.

It will protect you from the negative energies that some people emit or some situations give off. It will always make you see the good side of things! Ruby Gemstone will also turn your negative feelings into something positive. It will protect you from feeling resentful, angry, or bitter when things don’t turn out as planned.

It will infuse you with joy and happiness and support your selfless work in all your spiritual endeavors.

Made with 7mm High Grade Natural Ruby.